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Fish Mah jongg Tiles

Enjoy the underwater world of mah jongg tiles with this fish tile board from Mah jongg Tiles.net. Create waves by beating this fun mah jongg tile game and bragging about it to all your friends on Facebook with our "Share" button!

Mah jongg is essentially an easy game at its basics, but depending on the tile board, can vary in difficulty. Get to the bones of this fish by removing mah jongg tiles in sets of matching pairs. Only certain mah jongg tiles are available on the board, so be aware.

Season mah jongg tiles and flower mah jongg tiles are two special types. They can be matched to any individual tile in their set. See below for pictures of these unique mah jongg tiles.

Flower Mah Jongg Tiles:

Season Mah Jongg Tiles:

Mah Jongg Tiles Updates